Must Reads and Resources

I’m continually on the lookout for what I think are the best sources of information on the growing inequality in America, the corrupting influence of money in politics, the movement to amend the Constitution to get money out of politics, etc. I’ll update the list as I find new sources.

On the web

  • Twitter – Absolutely the best source of information for real-time updates from all over the web. If you don’t have a Twitter account, get one, start following some important information sources, and be sure to “retweet” any message that you think is especially important. Some of my favorite people/groups to follow on Twitter are:

Bill Moyers (@BillMoyers and @MoyersStaff)
Senator Bernie Sanders (@SenatorSanders) (@OpenSecretsDC)
United Republic (@unitedrep)
GetMoneyOut (@GetMoneyOut)
MoveToAmend (@MoveToAmend)

  • Republic Report – A fantastic new blog focused solely on the buying and selling of American politicians. Among their various contributors is none other than former lobbyist Jack Abramoff giving an insiders view of the corrupting influence of money in politics.
  • Move to Amend – An organization working to build consensus on the exact wording of the proposed Constitutional amendment.
  • Talking Points Memo – An invaluable online news site with some of the best original and investigative reporting available.
  • Wikipedia – One of the most valuable resources on the web, Wikipedia is an excellent source to read up on any topic, person, place, event, etc. The articles are well-sourced, the scope of the topics covered is vast, and there are all kinds of ways to access it (on your computer, iPhone, iPad, Android phone, etc). If you ever find yourself wondering “What is Glass-Steagall?” “What has President Obama actually done while in office?” “What is a lobbyist?”, look it up on Wikipedia for a quick and thorough primer.


  • Moyers and Company – Bill Moyers is back on the air, and is dedicating a large portion of his show to the issues of income inequality and money in politics. One of the best resources on television, on the web, and on Twitter. Check your local listings for air times (on PBS). You can also watch all of the shows on their website.
  • Real Time with Bill Maher – Bill Maher always gets to the core of most issues, the conversations on his show are relevant and enlightening, he always has guests from both sides of the political spectrum, and he always makes the most rational (and entertaining) arguments for common sense policy. Unfortunately, you need to have HBO to watch it.
  • The Daily Show – While not strictly a “news show” (they bill themselves as a “comedy show”) there’s a reason why Daily Show viewers are more informed than Fox News viewers: The Daily Show actually covers important world news topics. And they do a great job. Weeknights on Comedy Central, and available on their website.


  • Inside Job – Academy Award-winning documentary on what (and more importantly who) caused the financial meltdown of 2008. Probably one of the most important documentaries you’ll watch.
  • I.O.U.S.A.: The Movie – Excellent documentary explaining all of the nuances of the U.S. debt – how did we get here, what are the implications, what can we do to change course?


  • I don’t have many recommendations on books, but that’s okay – Bill Moyers has an excellent reading list of books he recommends for getting informed about money in politics. You can find it here.

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