Hi, thanks for your interest in this blog.

I’m not a policy expert, I’m just a guy. A concerned citizen that does his best to keep tabs on current events and to be an active and informed citizen.

That said, I am disgusted and alarmed by the gradual erosion of democracy in America that has been underway for the last 20+ years. Unless you are among the top 1% of income earners, your voice no longer matters in this government. Special interests and their paid lobbyists set the agenda. These monied interests have gutted our democracy and in its place has emerged a new form of government – a plutocracy – rule by the wealthy.

Corporate interests and their monied backers now virtually control all three branches of our federal government – the Congress (see “revolving door politics“), the Supreme Court (see “Citizens United“), and the Presidency (See “repeal of Glass-Steagall“, “Medicare Part D” – two examples of legislation that sitting presidents willingly signed into law that provided huge windfalls to industry giants, but were little or no help to ordinary Americans). President Obama has yet to sign off on any sweetheart deals for big business, but even he is not immune to the influence of big money interests, particularly Wall Street interests (see “Citigroup Replaces JPMorgan as White House Chief of Staff“).

The core rot at the center of it all is MONEY. Money sets the agenda in Washington. Wealthy political donors shower money and favors on government lawmakers; lawmakers then pass legislation that benefits these wealthy political donors; the power and wealth of these donors are further consolidated by the favorable legislation; rinse, lather, repeat. That is the state of affairs in our government today – wealthy private interests working together with government officials, strictly for their own personal and mutual gain, usually at the expense of ordinary Americans who are entirely shut out of the process.

We have been bled dry by a parasitic and opportunist class of super wealthy individuals, and the plundering continues to escalate day after day. As America sinks deeper and deeper into debt, the wealthiest Americans continue to get richer and richer. The massive transfer of wealth that is occurring right now as a result of historically low tax rates on the richest Americans, continual government deregulation of industry, and ever-increasing government spending (i.e., tax money spent on private industry) has come at a heavy price for ordinary Americans (see “Financial Crisis“, “Health Care Costs“, “Military Budget“). It’s a free-for-all, a raid on the coffers of the American taxpayers.

The conflict of interest is glaring – we cannot rely on our government officials to voluntarily vote against their own personal interests. A vote to get money out of politics is a vote to end the gravy train, to shut off the money spigot that has enriched our elected officials and their donors for so long. Not a chance in hell. As long as money is key to winning elections, the richest Americans will continue to use their unprecedented wealth to maintain their advantage in such a system and to keep that system in place.

Our only hope now is to go over the heads of these corrupt officials, and take our appeal to the supreme law of the land – the Constitution of the United States. If done correctly, an amendment to the constitution has the potential to purge the corrupting influence of money in politics. It’s the single, simplest, most effective means of cleansing our political system once and for all. It’s a concept that is widely understood by most if not all Americans, and thus is something we can all rally behind to exact the change that we so desperately need.

The purpose of my blog is to raise awareness of the dire state of affairs we are in, to lend my voice to the cause of Amending the Constitution to purge the poisonous and democracy-killing effect of money in politics, to help deliver a citizens’ coup de grâce to end the sickly state of our democracy, and to plant the seed of a new democracy, one by the people, for the people, regardless of wealth or status. A Democracy 2.0 in today’s techno speak. One voice – one vote. As our nation’s founders intended it.


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