Are you a member of an advocacy group? You need to put your cause on hold and join the Move to Amend.

The other day, I was stopped by a person on the street that “wanted to talk to me.” Turns out he was a member of Greenpeace, and he and some associates were out that day working the streets, trying to take their message of environmentalism directly to the people.

The first though that came to my mind was this – What are you doing wasting your time on the streets talking about environmentalism? Don’t you know the Energy and Natural Resource lobbies have given over $600 million to members of Congress during the last decade, while Greenpeace has given a measly $315K during the same period? That’s five-hundredths of 1% of the money Energy companies have given, companies which usually are diametrically opposed to the goals of environmentalists. Who do you think lawmakers are listening to? In the face of such obscene amounts of cash, do you think your voice has any chance of being heard by lawmakers with the actual power to enact real change?

It has no chance, and while I applaud your efforts in reaching out to people to spread your message, those efforts are wasted.

If Greenpeace truly wishes to advance any of its goals, they need to put those goals aside for now, and focus on a new, singular goal – that of adding their voice and dedicating their resources to the cause of amending the constitution to get money out of government and leveling the playing field so that their voice does matter once again.

That goes for every advocacy organization in America. Greenpeace, NORML, Electronic Frontier Foundation, PETA, Sierra Club, etc, etc. Any and every advocacy group whose interests run counter to entrenched business interests stand little or no chance in advancing those interests unless they join in the pay-to-play bonanza that is American government. Even if they do, their financial coffers are a drop in the bucket compared to the money available for spending by corporate giants.

Like so many websites and organizations did in the unified opposition to PIPA/SOPA, advocacy groups across America need to unite under the one common cause of amending the constitution to cleanse our political system of the corrupting influence of money. Doing so would catapult this issue to the forefront of national discourse, and get us on the fast track to restoring our democracy and making our government work for us, rather than for money.

So Greenpeace guy, thanks for your efforts. But you need to take off that Greenpeace jacket and put on your Move to Amend one.


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